Strategic Financial Products

Tư vấn lập dự án

Project Planning Consultation

The Investment Project Planning and Capital Needs Analysis product is a solution that involves...

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Quản trị doanh nghiệp 360

Business Management 360

Providing small and medium-sized enterprises with efficient management solutions...

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Quản trị kế toán tài chính

Financial Accounting Management

The accounting and financial services product is a product that Financial Corporation Limited Liability Company offers...

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Kiểm toán tái cấu trúc

Restructuring Audit

The Restructuring Audit product is a service product where the provider offers...

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Digital Marketing Products

Strategic Digital Marketing Planning Consultation is a service that assists businesses in devising long-term digital marketing strategies. By analyzing and assessing the current state of the business, proposing solutions, and developing an actionable plan…

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A brand identity kit is a collection of tangible elements of a brand (such as name, logo, colors, graphic elements, symbols, slogans, communication images, etc.) that work together to define and differentiate this brand from others…

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The content of the website and Facebook is a product that helps potential customers access business information accurately and neatly. Website content also aids in better search engine rankings, facilitating…

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Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program. Through Google Ads, businesses can reach potential customers precisely at the moment they are interested in the products and services that the business provides…

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Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads) is the name for Facebook’s advertising service, allowing organizations/individuals to display advertisements on the Facebook social network. Advertising on Facebook is automatically distributed based on various…

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or webpage for users on data search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,…

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ERP and Digital Technology Products

DraERP Quản lý doanh nghiệp

- Business Management

The enterprise resource planning software product is a suite of applications...

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Dịch vụ hosting


Hosting is a storage space partitioned from a server to facilitate uploading, publishing, and managing data...

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Thiết kế website


The website product provides a comprehensive solution from the design phase to website programming..

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Dịch vụ server


A server, or máy chủ in Vietnamese, is a system (comprising suitable computer software and hardware)...

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The service provision process


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