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Consulting of corporate governance 360 (SME)


Our Consulting of corporate governance 360 SME is a service that we, DRACO Finance and Technology Joint Stock Compan (hereinafter referred to as DRACO), provides SMEs with the aim of managing effectively operating activities, focusing on core activities include: Management Accounting, Finance, Operation, and Digital Marketing.

Management Accounting service is the process of collecting, processing, inspecting, analyzing in order to give economic and financial information in the form of value, artifacts and labour time for the internal users and external parties. Accounting service will address all accounting, tax declaration and payment for authorities. Ensuring the transparency, efficiency and accuracy of the accounting administration and tax declaration.

Financial Consulting service is consulting service for enterprise in needs of financial planning, capital management, liquidity management … to maximize profits.

Operating optimization consulting service is consulting service that helps enterprises build processes, implement, evaluate operating performance, and advise on technology application to optimize operating performance.

Digital marketing service is a service that we, DRACO Finance and Technology Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as DRACO), provides customers in order to manage or promote customers brands, products or services on online channels, with the aim of increasing sales, improving company and product brand awareness, enhancing marketing efficiency.

I. Service objectives and customer benefits

Our Consulting of corporate governance 360 SME  package aims to enhance corporate governance performance, optimize operating performance, enhance business efficiency and maximize profits.

Accounting services objectives

  • Record sufficiently operating activity transactions on documents, accounting books and Financial Statements.
  • Reflect accounting Information data promptly and on time
  • Presenting clearly, understandably and accurately accounting data.
  • Reflect honestly and objectively nature and value of accounting transactions.
  • Accounting information data must be continuously reflected throughout periods from established business to dissolution.
  • Classify and sort accounting information data in order and systematically, comparably and verifiably.

Financial Consulting service objectives

Preparing and consulting reports, effective investment and financial plans, effective management and capital structure plans.

Operation management consulting service objectives

  • Consult to develop regulations, procedures, documents and templates for processes between departments to optimize operating performance.
  • Help enterprises set up an appropriate organizational model and controlling system model to enhance operating performance between departments.
  • Improving labor productivity, service quality by adopting standard systems and standard measured systems in operating performance.
  • Consulting customers to select and apply 4.0 technology systems to optimize operating performance.

Digital Marketing service objectives

Through state assessments, general analysis, target identification, making implementation methods and reasonable budget recommendations, this service builds short and long-term strategies to achieve the following main goals:

  • Helping enterprises increase sales;
  • Helping businesses increase corporate brand identity and product recognition;
  • Helping enterprises develop market share in the market;
  • Enhancing marketing efficiency and; minimizing costs and maximizing profits;

II. Service delivery process

Step 1: Receive customer requests;

Step 2: Determine the customer goals (preliminary assessment);

Step 3: Sign the service contract;

Step 4: Analyze and evaluate the state according to goal-oriented and expertise;

Step 5: Determine management solutions to achieve goals;

Step 6: Make implementation plan;

Step 7: Implement the plan and monitor the implementation process;

Step 8: Report and evaluate the results of the implementation process;

Step 9: Acceptance of service.

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